Beckham really is the voice of England

It would be fair to say that David Beckham experienced his ups and downs when playing for England – although there’s no doubt that in the latter years he was definitely a fans favourite. With that, it’s nice to see Beckham always representing his country when possible. It was blatantly obvious the pride Becks showed whenever he captained England, and now that his international career is over he still makes every effort to boost his country.

Even though he was still playing regularly in domestic and international football at the time of the Olympics vote, Beckham still made every effort to put his name behind London’s bid. For that reason alone I think Beckham simply must be included in the Great Britain football squad. Yes, there are players that are probably better suited on current ability, but we all know Beckham would not let his country down and probably deserves his place just for his work behind the scenes.

As well as the Olympics, you have to take your hat off to Beckham for his work in England’s World Cup bid. Yes, we failed to get the tournament, but it is well documented that the bid was almost flawless and it appears as if it was rejected on the wrong reasons (shall we not get into the FIFA debate now?). Anyhow, Beckham was clearly a huge figure in that bid and again, considering his busy schedule, I just find it admirable.

This is just one of the reasons why I am such a fan of Beckham. We all know he’s got the talent, a lot of players have, but what make him different are his actions off the field.


Beckham – what a model professional

Having always played for the world’s best clubs and always been part of the world’s biggest sponsorship campaigns, can someone tell me just how David Beckham finds time to work on all his charitable causes? For me, it shows just what a gentleman of football he is. On so many occasions I see high profile footballers without a care in the world, yet it appears as though Beckham actually cares about his responsibilities and this is just one other reason why I am such a big fan of him.

In fairness, Beckham has been a big influence on charity works since his days as a young player. He has always supported UNICEF, while he has also backed other campaigns that aim to boost children’s life. I suppose this is one of the thing that fans and advertisers love about Beckham – it is clear he is a family man and has deep care for children. Bearing that in mind, we really shouldn’t be surprised why he is suitable for so many advertising campaigns!

As well as backing the big charities, I’ve always been impressed with Beckham’s other charitable work. For example, I remember a story a few years ago where Beckham took the time to ring a cancer suffering victim and offer his support. That’s not the only story along those lines, as I’ve head numerous anecdotes of Beckham sending his merchandise to sufferers of various illnesses. For someone as high-profile as Beckham to take the time to perform such duties is a pure credit to him and his gestures must make a huge difference to people.

What is David Beckham’s best goal?

Out of all the goals that have been scored in professional football, I am sure David Beckham is responsible for many of the best ones! The fact is, Beckham is not a player known for tap ins – it’s just not his thing! Instead, he’d rather pick the ball up thirty yards from goal, and crack an effort in the top corner.

Actually, scrap that last statement. He would rather pick the ball up in his OWN HALF, and then proceed to lob the keeper. Could this goal against Wimbledon in 1996 for Manchester United perhaps be David Beckham’s best ever goal?

When the pressure is on, some players crumble. I definitely can’t class Becks in this category, after remembering some of the crucial goals he has scored. Most of them have occurred while on duty for England, with this curling free kick against Greece surely being one of the best:

Of course, there are countless Beckham goals that I could bang on about. The majority of them are free kicks, with Beckham still seen as one of the best set piece takers that the game has ever seen. A simple search on Youtube for Beckham goals will have you in awe – the man is an absolute genius with a football. In fact, just take a look at the following clip – this shows some of the best goals Beckham has scored through his career:

Yes, some people will argue the likes of Messi and Ronaldo can do even more these days, but in my mind neither player will ever be able to strike a football as consistently as Beckham. The game will be lucky if there ever is a player with a right foot as trusty as Becks’.

Beckham – the best marketing icon in football

I could talk all day about what a great player David Beckham is, and how in his prime, he could have walked into any team in the world. However, it’s interesting to hear that while Beckham is one of the best paid players in the world, little of his money has come from football. The majority of his earnings have come from sponsorship deals, with Beckham definitely being the best marketing icon the sport has ever (and probably will ever) see.

There was a time where Becks was on the front of every advert, while his marriage to pop star Victoria makes his image even more lucrative. The fact is, advertisers, just like fans, absolutely love David Beckham. And, to be honest, who can blame them? What hasn’t he got? Fantastic football skill, incredibly good looks and a beautiful wife – what more could he want? Adding all of this to the fact that practically every person in the world, whether they are based in Barnsley or Bangkok, knows of Beckham, it’s no surprise he’s earned tens of millions of pounds from sponsors!

In my mind, no sports star will ever come close to Beckham in terms of advertiser likeability. He has absolutely everything going for him, while others in similar positions just can’t seem to take advantage. Take Ashley Cole, he was probably seen as the new Beckham considering his ability and personal life, yet really he’s probably quite unknown throughout the world. Yep, in my mind, Becks’ place as football’s top marketing icon is his to keep forever.

Beckham’s incredible football career

As this is my first post on my new blog, I thought I would take the time to talk about David Beckham’s career. Having followed him so closely over the past few years, I really do feel like his official biographer at the moment! For that reason, if anyone does have any questions about my post please feel free to comment.

Most people know that Beckham started his career at Man Utd and soon became one of the best wingers in the world. Watching him down the right wing was a pure joy and the fact that he could score from anywhere on the pitch (even from his OWN half on one occasion against Wimbledon) meant that he was definitely one of the best players in the Premiership. Unfortunately, it is rumoured that a fall out with Alex Ferguson prompted his exit, and Becks soon found himself transferring to Real Madrid. I have to say I was devastated to lose him from the English leagues, although it was nice to see him still become an icon in Spain where he continued his great form. After spending four good years at Madrid, Beckham made the move across the pond to America to LA Galaxy. While he is now one of the older players in the US league, he is still seen as one of the most effective and has helped Galaxy improve immensely. Moreover, some of the biggest clubs in the world still manage to keep track of Beckham, with Milan taking him on loan in 2009 and 2010 while Tottenham have tried to do the same on numerous occasions.

As you can see, it’s quite a football career. He has lit up some of the biggest stages in the world on the domestic scene, as well as racking up a huge number of caps as England captain. I really don’t think the England team will ever have a better set piece taker than Beckham, who you always had faith in whenever he stood up to a free kick. Some of his goals are breath taking and that trusty right foot has earned him millions of fans.